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Evansville residents asking for better communication with EPD

Some Evansville residents came together Sunday afternoon and are asking for better communication between the Evansville Police Department and the citizens it serves.

A resident of the Evansville Art's District, Alex Lattner, described Sunday's event as "simply a gathering of people, it is the beginning of a dialog."  

It is brought on by an incident that allegedly happened last Saturday at the Sculpt EVV live concert between an employee at the time and an Evansville police officer.

That altercation, along with the recent vandalism at Garvin Park Pool has inspired Lattner to take action. She says she hopes to get people to know people and to have better communication in the area, communication between local residents and the Evansville Police Department specifically.

"Regardless of fault or regardless of what actually happened, I feel like there needs to be a discussion by the community about violence and vandalism within our neighborhood. How to open up those lines of communication, what caused that to happen in the first place and what can we do to prevent it," Latter says.

Lattner says she wants to create a more unified community and that she wants to work together with police. She says she speaks for many art district residents when she says that it should not be "us" versus "them."

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