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Residents without a home after Newburgh apartment complex fire

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A morning fire at an apartment complex in Newburgh has left 16 people without a home. Fire investigators are trying to find out what caused the blaze. 

That fire happened at the Fernwood Apartments Complex at about 9:30 Sunday morning. No one was seriously hurt, but eight units were burned.

Newburgh fire personnel say the blaze, along with Sunday's hot weather, forced them to rotate several firefighters in and out of the building to avoid heat exhaustion.

Fire investigators say they are still working to find the cause of the fire, but one of the residents tells 14 News what he thinks happened.

Jordan Gibson, who lives in the complex, says he's lucky to have gotten out of the fire relatively unharmed. He says management at Fernwood Apartments should be held responsible for what happened.

"There's a lot of bad things about these apartments right now," Gibson says.


Gibson lives here in Apartment G, but he doesn't know if he'll remain there after what happened on Sunday.

"I was asleep upstairs. Our smoke detectors didn't go off. I mean, there were several things. You know, windows won't open, so I couldn't even let the smoke out of the house, to get out of the house," Gibson says.

Gibson says he's called property management here for several reasons. He says his windows don't open easily, his air conditioning hasn't worked for three weeks, and the wiring inside is old and due for repair.

"My breaker box was right there at the back window, and as I opened my back window, the breaker box flamed. So, it traveled through the wires," Gibson says.

Sixteen people have been displaced by this fire, including several children. Fortunately no one was seriously injured, but Gibson says this situation is still unacceptable.

"We've called property management already a couple of times. I don't know what we're going to have done. But later, our land lady is not here yet. That's somebody that should be here, most definitely. I'm probably going to move, honestly. It's just not worth it. I mean, especially since it's damaged now," Gibson says.

The Red cross was there Sunday morning and they are helping everyone displaced by the fire to find temporary housing. 

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