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Evansville residents fed up with raw sewage around their house

An Evansville woman says she's fed up with all the raw sewage around her house. She's apparently dealing with a sewage leak, and Saturday night's rain only made matters worse. 

Flies, mold, and raw sewage. That's what Andrew and Gloria Thiry say they have been dealing with for months now. They believe raw sewage has been leaking from their neighbors property and onto theirs, and they are sick of it, literally and figuratively.

Their entire side walkway is flooded with this waste and they say they have been unable to get help from the city or the other home's owner to fix it.  

Andrew says that when this mess first appeared, about six months ago, they assumed it was just water. They would walk through it to get to their back door and then they would walk right into their house.  

The Thirys say they contacted the Vanderburgh County Health Department at the beginning of this month and that is when they found out what they were actually dealing with. They tell us the health department has ruled their home unfit for human habitation. 

"They told us no matter how many times a day I mop or clean, they said the bacteria is in the air.  They said you are breathing it in every day. That is why Andrew is sick," Gloria says.

"We have no family here to help us, to put us up," Andrew says.

We spoke with Mayor Winnecke's office and they told 14 News that the city is working several weeks on getting the issues resolved and that they have had several city departments actively working on resolving the issues. 

The neighboring property, the reason for the complaint, is up for re-inspection by the Evansville Building Inspector this upcoming week. 

We'll continue to check back on the progress.

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