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Madisonville Police patrolling differently

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Madisonville Police say they have been dealing with gang violence.

Police are patrolling the city, including Claybon Park, in a brand new way in order to rid the area of gang activity.

Madisonville Police Chief Wade Williams says the department has adopted mission based or intelligence led policing. The system relies on community partnerships to allow information and tips to freely flow back and forth to police.

Williams hopes this community support will help decrease the gang related crime centered around Claybon Park on Hopewell Street. One resident, who lives across the street from the park spoke out on the elevated violence he is seeing outside his front door.

"It worries me a little bit because my nieces and nephews come over, they come by and play," says Damien Morris. "It makes me wonder, 'Do I need to keep them in the house or can I take them to the park to enjoy themselves?'"

Police urge that they need the community to provide tips in order to stop violence before it starts.

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