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Investigation continues on ISTEP results

EVSC Superintendent David Smith says more investigation is needed to ensure this year's ISTEP test results are valid.

The online tests for nearly 80,000 Indiana students were delayed in May after the tests began freezing for hours at a time.

On Friday, Indiana School Superintendent Glenda Ritz announced she's seeking $614,000 in damages from the company who administered the tests, CTB/McGraw Hill.

Smith says with so much riding on these results, they have to be accurate.

"In terms of the validity of the test results, I don't know if they can be held as being valid with the disruptions that had taken place during the testing time," says Smith. "What we are keenly interested in is making sure these issues don't arise again."

Smith says he agrees with Ritz that an independent review of the testing data is needed.

ISTEP results are used to calculate school grades and teacher pay.

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