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Jury deciding between life and death for Jeffrey Weisheit

The prosecution has called their last witness to the stand, and closed the penalty phase of State v. Jeffrey Weisheit.

Following heated closing arguments from both sides the jury now has the case to determine his sentence.

The State is asking for the death penalty. The defense is asking for life without parole.

Weisheit murdered his girlfriend's two children in a house fire in 2010.

The state says he deserves the death penalty because Weisheit has not taken responsibility and shows no remorse for the murders.

The jury took just 2 hours to bring a guilty verdict, and it's expected that jurors will decide the sentence in an equally swift manner on Friday.

During the sentencing phase of the trial, a mixture of the Weisheit's childhood friends and psychology professionals testified for the Defense.

Dr. David Price of South Carolina and Dr. Heather Henderson-Galligan of Clark County reported that upon clinical testing, Weisheit has depression, and a bi-polar condition or physical damage to his brain.

The prosecution called Dr. Hal Corwin, who examined a series of medical reports including the reports of Dr. Price and other doctors. His testimony was contrary to the Defense's experts.

On Friday, Judge Dan Moore of Clark Circuit Court No. 1 allowed approximately 40 minutes for final arguments.

The jury has been instructed to consider all of the Phase I and Phase II evidence and return a sentence.

If the jury is unable to unanimously return a sentence recommendation, Judge Moore will sentence Weisheit.

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