More transition homes may be coming to homeless shelter

A partnership in Owensboro between the Daniel Pitino Shelter and GRADD is helping more homeless families in Daviess County. Lerinda Schrum, her husband, and their daughter moved into one of the transition homes behind the Daniel Pitino Shelter back in February. Schrum says living in the home has given her family hope. "When we were living at the shelter we were living in one room. Now we have gone from one to three. Our family is able to come together and be more of a family," said Lerinda Schrum.

The Green River Area Development District is applying for a grant to get state funding to build two more transition homes behind the Daniel Pitino Shelter. The shelter says the transition homes will help reduce the number of homeless families in Daviess County. "You come back to the shelter and you receive case management and you receive our class which is life skills and our other classes is parenting because everyone knows kids don't come with instructions," said James Barnett, Program Director at the Daniel Pitino Shelter.

The new transition homes will help homeless families build renters history and teach them life skills that will help them when they move out of the homes. "By living here we are building a rent credibility. I have a job and my husband has a job. We pay our taxes. We are able to pay rent every month," said Schrum.

GRADD says construction on the transition homes will begin next summer if they receive funding from the state.