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Evansville officials investigating Garvin Park Pool vandalism

Evansville Police are trying to find out who jumped the fence and threw several heavy objects into Garvin Park Pool, closing the pool for several days.

Officers say they've been walking through some of the neighborhoods around the pool, putting up flyers. They're asking for anyone with information on Wednesday nights trashing to come forward, to make sure the right people pay for the damage.

"Who would do something like this to city property," asks Mayor Lloyd Winnecke.

That's the question Evansville Police, and Garvin Park staffers are also asking themselves as chairs, trash cans, and some other heavy items were tossed into the pool.

"Most readily visible vandalism is in the pool area, where a number of items, very heavy items, were thrown into the diving area of the pool," says Winnecke. "Very heavy picnic table, concrete-weighted poles, someone took a lot of time. This is just a really disgusting effort on someone's part."

Police found at least one alcohol container nearby, and the suspect this was the work of a group of teenagers.

"We've been vandalized before," says Alex Stewart, the Pool Manager. "Sometimes the kids will come over, hop the fence and toss a chair in. Or maybe we'll find the picnic table here, in the shallow end. But it's usually not to this level."

The pool staff quickly moved all of these items out of the pool Wednesday morning, but it wasn't enough to preserve the liner. Now, they have to drain the water, repair the liner, and hope to re-open in a week.

"We're going to keep out ear to the water," says Stewart. "We're going to try and find out who did this and hopefully we can get these kids who tossed all this stuff in that messed up the pool."

One of the more unfortunate aspects of this event is the liner was just installed in 2012, and wasn't cheap.

Again, the staff hopes to re-open the pool sometime next week.

If you have any information on this vandalism, you're asked to call Evansville Police.

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