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Teens finding dangerous new ways to 'smoke' alcohol

There's a growing concern over a new way young people are consuming alcohol: they're smoking it.

On YouTube, young people are turning basements and dorm rooms into laboratories. They're pressurizing a bottle with beer or wine in the bottom, and then inhaling the vapor. They do this by sucking in the alcoholic fumes instead of drinking the liquid, which is ultimately bypassing the liver and bringing intoxicating ethanol straight into the lungs and the brain.

"The danger, mainly, is that it leads to rapid intoxication in the sense that you don't know you're getting drunk that fast. When people drink, the normal sensation they get more and more drunk is to vomit, it's your body's way of expelling alcohol. However your brain can't expel alcohol. So, it's extremely dangerous," said Robert Glatter, who is an ER physician.

Smoking alcohol can also damage the lining of your lungs.

Dr. Glatter says he hopes parents will warn their teens that this new practice of smoking alcohol can be very dangerous, and at the very least it can leave damaging consequences.

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