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Hopkins County Humane Society adopts new feral cat program


Humane Society Officials in Hopkins County are re-releasing feral cats. It's a move to actually reduce the number of strays.

The Hopkins County Humane Society recently adopted a new program to help control the feral, or wild, cat population in the community.

The Hopkins County Humane Society has a four year average of 1,800 cats and kittens taken in each year, with more than half of those being feral cats. Feral cats are unadoptable because they are wild animals and could pose a threat to people.

In the past, the feral cats would sit in the shelter with an 82% euthanasia rate. The longer they sit in the shelter, the higher the changes are they get a disease or pass a disease on to the adoptable animals. Since this new program has been adopted, that high statistic fell to only 33% this year.

This feral cat program is based on proven programs in shelters in Evansville and New Albany.

"The program we've adopted, the trap, neuter, release program, will then take these animals, we'll neuter these animals, we'll give them the shots necessary, and re-introduce them back into the colony to keep the breeding from being triggered," says Jack Merrill.

Organizers say Hopkins County, within a few years, should see a decrease in feral cats.

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