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Taking A Stand: Midwest Fertilizer plant in Posey Co.


On Wednesday morning, Posey County officials approved the re-issuance of $1.3 billion in bonds to build the Midwest Fertilizer facility being developed by the Fatima Group based in Pakistan.    

You might remember the Fatima Group being criticized by the U.S military for being uncooperative in controlling the smuggling of fertilizer into Afghanistan where it was allegedly used in the making of IEDs.    

Governor Mike Pence was briefed on the issue on his first day in office and withdrew his support. Now, he says the state won't stand in the way of Posey County working to get the plant built on its own.

Posey County has now started that process.

I'm not one to stand in the way of progress and job creation, but I'm not convinced we know all the facts about the Fatima Group. A U.S. Military commander recently called Fatima's efforts to work on  a less-explosive formula 'big steps" toward safety. I hope so.
Before we embrace this corporate neighbor, I would like to see Fatima officials come here to answer the tough questions about its product and ways to keep it out of the hands of those who would harm us and our allies.

That's my stand what's yours. 


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