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Henderson's East End Garden thriving with community grown veggies

A little over a month ago, the East End garden was still a dream in progress. Now, it's a thriving corner. 

What began as boxes of dirt on a Henderson street corner, now boasts a full-fledged outdoor produce section, overflowing with fresh vegetables and herbs. A hodge podge of tomatoes, cucumbers, and peppers tended to by people like Aimee Monet.

"This is parsley and basil. I've got some radish and onions," she says.

The newly-converted vegetarian never expected to be growing her food at a community garden.

"I didn't know that they really existed. Even if they did, I thought it was just in big cities. Then I heard about this. I saw the poster about this and I think I squealed out loud. I was so excited," Monet says.

Every bed is now claimed. Then up front, the goods are for everyone.

"All of the neighbors can just come willingly to pick," says Sarah Stewart, the community access garden coordinator. "It's basically the concept of bringing the community together, and kind of going back to the grass roots of where things used to be with our grandparents."

Much like the foods they're growing, gardeners come in all shapes and sizes as well.

"It tastes like gum when you eat it," says 10-year-old Abbie Howard, who enjoys taking care of her broccoli and squash. "If you can see what it looks like when it's littler, you know how it grows and what it was."

She and her four-year-old helper, Zaine, seem to appreciate all this green more than most their age.

"I like vegetables and vegetables make you big and strong like the hulk," Zaine tells 14 News.

"People that don't like vegetables, don't like them because they look weird. If you do eat them, because I personally like them. Like he said, they make you strong," Abbie says.

They can taste pretty good, too. Especially when you've grown them yourself.

If you want more information on the East End Community Garden, head to their website.

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