How would you like to have a bracelet tell you which theme park rides had shortest wait times?

Imagine being at a theme park like Holiday World and having a bracelet that could tell you which rides had the shortest wait times.

That's just one idea some USI students have come up with, and on Friday they pitched it to businesses.

For the last five weeks students at USI have been using patents developed at Crane Naval Base to come up with products the general public can use.

They had three different patents to chose from but all four groups decided to use the radio-intelligence patent.

They came up with some pretty cool ideas.

One group used it to develop an application that used heat mapping to bring you coupons you'd be interested in as you shop.

Another group used the heat mapping technology and thought 'theme-park.'

"Our product is the e-band. It's a silicone type waterproof bracelet with an active RFID chip in it. It would be able to track children, group members. Through that tracking aspect it can do a heat mapping application where you would be able to know park wait times at theme-parks and restaurant wait times at theme-parks," says Adam Brothers, one of the students who worked on the project.

For the next five weeks students will be developing prototypes.

We'll let you know if any of them partner with a business.

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