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Weisheit found guilty on all charges

In Clark County Circuit Court on Tuesday, 37-year-old Jeffrey Weisheit has been found guilty of Two Counts of Murder and One Count of Arson, a Class A Felony. 

Things stayed very quiet Tuesday afternoon as those guilty verdicts were read. There were some tears in the courtroom, and while the state got the verdict it wanted. They say it can never make up for what Lisa Lynch has lost.

"Our job is to do what we can to make whole someone who's been through something that you can't restore," says Gary Schutte, Chief Deputy Prosecutor of Vanderburgh County.

Been through something like the murders of two children more than three years ago at home on Fischer Road in Vanderburgh County.

"What she's lost can't be restored, but to be able to take some step, to pour out some measure of justice on behalf of Caleb and Alyssa, there is some gratification in it," Schutte says.

Lisa Lynch left the courtroom while closing arguments were made Tuesday morning, but returned to hear the guilty verdicts read.  

"She's been through a lot. She's been through a lot, and I think she's thankful that this hurdle has passed, and now we move on to the next phase," Schutte says.

That next phase is the penalty phase of the trial. The prosecution will present what are known as aggravating circumstances, things they believe should enhance Weisheit's punishment and the defense will be doing the opposite.

"The defense will have an opportunity to present mitigation, which can be anything under the law, that they think the jury should consider in determining the appropriate sentence in this case," Schutte says.

Now that he's been convicted, Weisheit could face a specific number of years in prison, life without the possibility of parole, or the death penalty. 

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