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'The Potty Mouth' speaks to improve bathroom etiquette

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - "This here toilet seat ain't gonna lower itself." That's the sound you'll hear if you leave the toilet seat up and have the 'Potty Mouth' attached to your commode. It's a brand new device aimed at helping those male users, remember to put the seat down when they're done.

It's a pretty simple device that consists of a sensor that's installed easily under the seat of the toilet...and a speaker that looks like set of lips that you can adhere to the tank or bottom of the lid. When the seat is left up for more than 30 seconds, a gentle reminder is spoken.

"Excuse me sir, please put down the toilet seat. Please!" This is one of several messages that 'Potty Mouth' relays when the seat is left up. there are others we can't play here that are a little more 'direct'. There's even a British lady that tastefully asks your man to comply.

"Excuse me, hey you would you mind being a love and put the toilet seat down for a lady?"

A novelty, but one that serves a purpose. At least for some of you ladies out there.

"That's probably going to get some guy's attention. the 'Potty Mouth'. For you Mom's and Dad's at home I want to warn you not all of the sayings are 100 percent 'G' rated if you know what I mean. If you want to pick one of these up and you think it'll fix your problem at home go to www.potty-mouth.com. They should be in stores sometime in the next year. It's gonna cost you $14.99 plus about 5 dollars shipping so roughly twenty bucks for the potty mouth. I think it works pretty well!

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