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Drainage pipe causes decade long battle for Newburgh family

The construction along Lincoln Avenue in Newburgh has become too much for one family. 

The family says it's been a decade long battle, and now, they are giving up and moving out.  

The Hill family has lived on the corner of Frame Road and Framewood Drive for the past 14 years. The home they thought they would retire in, they say is slowly killing them. 

"We sink and we have holes," says Stacey Hill.

Hill says when she and her husband purchased this home in 1998, the inspection report didn't show any signs of flooding, mold, or slopes in the foundation. But just two years later, Warrick County installed a drainage pipe behind the home and Stacey says that's when their nightmare began. 

"Our home all of a sudden, the water couldn't flow freely and it kind of blocked up and we sat on like a dam," Hill says.

Stacey says when the construction began, it changed the water table for her lot and when it rained, the new pipe couldn't handle it and everything flooded.  

"When they put our pipe in, they cut our down spouts off and made us take on water, unbeknownst to us," Stacey says.

Stacey says for years her home sat on an enormous amount of water and that water made her daughter very sick. 

"She had anaphylactic reaction and coded in the doctor's office, whenever she was tested and had her first allergy shot," Stacey says.

The mold in the crawl space tested critically high. Stacey says remediation and installation of special air purifiers help to eliminate future mold growth, but they still sit on water. The storm drains can't process the water and constantly clog.

Stacey says the county expects her to keep the drains clear.

Stacey has been keeping detailed records of her uphill battle and is suing the county. The case goes to trial in October. 

"We've lost everything. We've almost lost our family, our time. I don't think there's a price tag. This is our home to retire in and it won't be anymore," Stacey says.

Stacey says the current construction on Frame Road stops at her intersection, but on Friday crews marked and flagged her yard for what might be the installation of new utility lines.

The attorney for Warrick County could not be reached for comment.

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