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In the race of life, Lexington couple looks to faith for a boost

Crystal and Craig Hewitt Crystal and Craig Hewitt
Parker and Haley Hewitt Parker and Haley Hewitt

In a beautiful home tucked away in the woods of Lexington County, Crystal and Craig Hewitt appear to be living a fairy tale life.

But their story, and why two swing sets swing empty in the summer wind, isn't easy to hear.

"I remember packing up the kids that morning, and them being all excited to go pick blueberries," said Crystal. "I remember telling Parker to pick out an outfit he wouldn't mind getting sandy, and him running down the stairs so excited. I remember driving them down the road to the blueberry patch, telling them we were almost there and that we'd be there soon, and the last thing I remember is looking in my rearview and seeing the truck coming way too fast."

It was a garbage truck that the South Carolina Highway Patrol says was going too fast.

Crystal can still remember the sounds of glass and metal, but was more concerned about what she couldn't hear.

"I just started screaming for Parker and nobody answered. Then I started thinking, 'Oh my gosh. Parker and Haley have already left,'" said Crystal.

With severe back injuries and slipping in and out of consciousness, Crystal would later wake up in the hospital.

"When I woke up the next time I had Craig in the room with my parents and my pastor. I remember Craig saying 'It's Ok, It's Ok,' and that's when I knew Parker and Haley didn't make it," said Crystal.

"It's a feeling I wouldn't wish on anyone," said Craig. "Every day is still a struggle."

Crystal had a shattered vertebra and would attend her children's homegoing ceremony in a wheelchair. But the painful years of recovery -- physically and emotionally -- wouldn't come without blessings.

"She was just such a surprise," said Crystal. "My surgeon actually told us I was pregnant that day when we were in for X-rays and an update on my back."

Ellington Hewitt will be 3 in August. She was followed by Emerson who just turned 1.

It may be hard to tell, but Ellington was born with Spina Bifida. She shouldn't be able to walk.

"That's been such a joy to see her walk and see God's miracle in her," said Crystal. "Emerson has brought us a lot of joy, too. He is all boy. Fearless. Makes us smile and laugh every day."

The Hewitts say they'll always have four kids and will continue on their difficult journey as they have for the past 4 years on faith.

"I knew God saved me out for a reason," said Crystal. "To be with Craig, to keep running this race that we're in. Of life. Life gives you challenges. This was one of ours, but I knew that God had a plan through it."

June 29 will be the 4th anniversary of the accident. For the first time, the Hewitt's will be out and about on that day, raising money for a pavilion that's being built at their church, Chapin Baptist.
They're hosting a 5K run and walk at Crooked Creek Park in Chapin. Click here for details.

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