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Tri-Stater celebrates a milestone birthday, her 106th


There was a celebration in Oakland City Saturday and not at one place but at two. Cozy Cove sold discounted burgers and they offered free cake and ice cream to all of their customers. Two minutes away, more cake and ice cream was being served. The cause for the celebration - Ophia Miller.

One hundred and six, a number that is not usually associated with the price of a burger or the number of candles on a birthday cake.

"She's, I'm sure, the oldest resident we have so I thought that it would be kind of nice to commemorate that and to honor her in doing the hamburgers for a dollar and six cents today," said Charlotte Gray, owner, Cozy Cove.

Charlotte Gray changed the price of her Cozy Cove Burgers from $2.25 to $1.06 to honor her friend, Ophia Miller, on her 106th birthday.

"Well I thought it was such a wonderful thing to become 106 years old and I thought it would be fitting for somebody in the city to acknowledge that," said Gray. 

Many more came to acknowledged Miller at her new home just down the road. Miller's daughter, Donna Huff, was amazed by the crowd.

"You know we knew we were going to do something, have a cake for her birthday or something but I am overwhelmed by who all showed up," said Huff.

Family and friends took part in the celebration and the birthday girl just took it all in.

"It's funny because I mean she knows what goes on and she's very aware and a lot of times they'll be in there talking and they won't even be talking to her and she'll get in their conversation," said Huff.

The conversations revolved around her today though and she kept everyone laughing. The visit she got from Police chief Alec Hensley was the icing on the cake.

"They didn't even think it was legal that anyone would be 106 years old but he didn't arrest her and he didn't take her to jail but you know what she rubbed his head because she doesn't see well and she doesn't hear well but she knows he's got a shiny head," said Huff with a laugh.

To quote her daughter, Miller is still "as sharp as a tack."

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