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Man who rushed to help little girl struck by car shares his story

In Evansville on Saturday, a little girl is taken to the hospital after an accident involving a car. It happened just before 4 p.m. near the intersection of Washington and Kentucky Avenue.

A Kentucky Avenue business owner tells us that's a busy intersection and he says with all the traffic those streets can be dangerous, especially for kids.

"It just freaked me out to the point where, I'm still shaking," said Everett Nunn, Owner, Everett Scissor Hands. "It was a nightmare."

Nunn, who owns a barber shop on Kentucky Avenue , says he was cutting hair Saturday afternoon when he heard a woman scream.

"I heard, 'you hit my baby," said Nunn.

Nunn says he then ran out to help a little girl, who we're told is around five or six years old.

"I didn't really want to move her. I told her to be still," said Nunn.

Sergeant Lonnie Rahm with the Evansville Police Department says a mother was leading two kids across the street - not at the crosswalk.

"A little bit further down, there was a gentleman driving a car which ran into a child," said Sgt. Rahm.

Rahm says officers and fire officials applied first aid to the girl who was then taken to Deaconess Hospital.

"The child was alert and conscious at the time," said Sgt. Rahm.

Saturday afternoon, police were on Kentucky Avenue reconstructing the scene, trying to figure out what exactly happened.

Everett tells us there are a lot of businesses and children in the area. Police warning both pedestrians.. and drivers to be extra cautious out on the road.

"Crossing at intersections, looking both ways. That certainly does help," said Sgt. Rahm:

"Watch out for these kids because I mean it could happen to anybody's kids," said Nunn

Rahm says officials aren't sure whether the little girl was run over or struck by the car. We're told she suffered an injury to one of her arms.

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