Weisheit trial ahead of schedule

The Jeffrey Weisheit capital murder trial seems to be ahead of schedule.

Weisheit faces a possible death sentence if convicted of arson and murder in the deaths of his girlfriend's two young children.

The prosecution rested it's case on Thursday, and the defense says it expects to wrap up next Tuesday.

Friday was a very brief day in the court room and the jury was dismissed after about an hour after hearing from one defense witness, Detective Kerri Blessinger, who was a lead investigator on the case with the Vanderburgh County Sheriff's Office.

Everyone was out by noon after the judge dismissed the defense's motion for a mistrial. That means closing arguments are expected for Tuesday afternoon.

Judge Daniel Moore says each side should get an hour for those arguments, if they want it.

Defense Attorney Mike McDaniel told 14 News that he couldn't comment on whether or not Weisheit might take the stand, but he does say the defense expects to call at least eight witnesses on Monday and Tuesday. He says right now they're having some issues with some reluctant witnesses not wanting to testify.

"Some witnesses just really aren't interested in being here, but sort of like to the extent they may not honor their subpoena," says McDaniel. "We'll see about that. It's just a question of trying to put together a timetable when we don't know what the next phone call in the middle of the night's going to do to us."

"This is a case where we're asking the jury to consider all of the evidence," says Chief Deputy Prosecutor, Gary Schutte, with the Vanderburgh County Sheriff's Office. "That's an aspect of it. We feel very good about the way the case went."

With closing arguments expect to come on Tuesday afternoon, the jury may begin deliberations on Tuesday or maybe Wednesday.

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