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Trash can thieves strike again in Evansville

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Trash cans are a hot commodity within the city limits of Evansville but they seem to be disappearing. 

Todd Chamberlain, the division sales manager at Republic Services, formerly known as Allied Waste, was not surprised by the recent stealing spree.  "We've seen a rash of trash cans that have either been stolen or removed from residents since the time we started delivering the cans back in January," said Chamberlain.

Currently, he has only received about 15 phone calls from Evansville residents, who are missing their trash cans. 

However, on Thursday, the Evansville Police Department received calls from five different residents concerning a missing or a stolen trash can. 

Joy Weston, who lives with her husband on Stringtown Road, was victimized by these trash can thieves. 

"Before we went to bed, we put the trash can near the street on Wednesday night," she said, "and then my husband got up at 5:30 on Thursday morning.  He came inside and told me that somebody stole our trash can."   

Weston lost one bin but she thought that her recycling bin had been spared, especially because it had been sitting safely in the far corner of her backyard on Wednesday night. 

"Then, my husband told me that they got the other one too," said Weston.

Weston's husband informed EPD of the incident and he also contacted Republic Services.  Although Republic Services agreed to deliver two new cans to Weston's home on Friday, the company is still hoping to locate the stolen cans.

"Every cart has a serial number on the front of it," said Chamberlain, "and those serial numbers are tracked back to the addresses that we originally delivered the cans to.  So, when we find the cans that are in the wrong locations, we know where they belong so that we can return them."

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