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Posey County residents facing tax increase

Some Posey County residents are facing a tax increase, but it wouldn't kick in for some time.

The Lake View subdivision in Mount Vernon is one of three areas that could be annexed into city limits. Parts of the Western Hills Country Club and the West Ridge subdivision are also included.

14 News is told that all three areas already have public services like trash pick up, as well as water and sewer. Most of all three areas are already in city limits, so the council thinks it's a natural extension.

The city council passed the ordinance at the first reading Thursday night, but as Councilman Bill Curtis explains, they're still a ways out from making it final.

"This isn't something that we just take three votes on three successive meetings and say 'Okay, here it is,'" says Curtis. "The votes we took last night triggered a process where formal notice will be made to the individuals impacted. There will be public notice in the newspaper."

The process could take up to a year and residents would see minimal changes, but they would pay higher taxes in city limits than they do in the county.

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