Monster trucks gearing up for big weekend show at Vanderburgh County 4 H Center

Monster trucks are gearing up and making their way toward the Vanderburgh County 4 H Center where the first show of the weekend will kick off tonight.

You'll see Quadzilla, the monster truck that was made right here in Evansville, and 6 more behemoths. Each weighs about 10,000 pounds and stands 12 feet high.

Another big draw is the freestyle motocross drivers who will be doing some gravity defying stunts.

We got a sneak peak at some of their them Friday morning.

Tim Dyson is in the show. He's been riding motocross for about 15 years.

Dyson says you'll see them do back flips, wheelies, handstands on their bikes in mid-air and even a "Cordova," which is when the driver stands up and arches his back on the bike while still in the air.

There are two shows: This Friday and Saturday at 7:30 p.m. The pit party starts at 6 o'clock.

Tickets for adults start at $19. You can get tickets for kids 3-12 years old starting at $10, and kids 3 years old and younger get in free.

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