Taking a Stand: Immigration Reform

Taking a Stand: Immigration Reform

Senator Tim Kaine, Democrat from Virginia, gave a speech on the senate floor endorsing his immigration bill.

He delivered the speech in Spanish. The main stream media covered it as clever and creative.

However, I find it contrary to what America should be focused on in regards to the immigration bill. Conservatives rightfully argue that the bill needs changes, especially when it comes to border security and the entry-exit system for those who are not yet citizens, and a provision to prevent taxpayer benefits being paid to illegals.

Many politically correct politicians and Hispanic advocate groups strive for integration in the American culture, which is much different than assimilation.

To me, I believe that means you actually learn English, not just enroll in classes.

If you don't believe there is a difference, read what our friends in England are saying about the lack of assimilation by Muslims in their country.

My bottom line: Hispanics are important to our economy, but they must assimilate into the American culture.

That's my stand, what's yours?

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