Oak Hill Road closes for "Complete Street" project

The portion of Oak Hill Road from Pigeon Creek to Lake Drive is now closed for construction on the next segment of the city's first "Complete Street" project.

All local traffic within the closure will need to enter and exit through Lynch Road.

Traffic on Trail Drive will need to use the North entrance, because the South entrance will also be closed.

The entrance to Maxx Road will be closed as well, and its exit will be divided using barrels for temporary entrance and exit.

The detour route that will be used throughout the Oak Hill Road project will guide drivers around construction using Morgan Avenue, US 41, and Lynch Road.

The contractor, Ragle, Inc., started has started working on phase I of an 80 percent federally funded renovation of Oak Hill Road from Morgan Avenue to Lynch Road.

The project is estimated to cost more than $4.8 million and is set for completion in July 2014.

Officials say the completed reconstruction will result in a safer and more efficient Oak Hill Road.

"The greatest singular improvement to traffic will be the construction of a dedicated, two-way, continuous left-turn lane in the middle of the road," says City Engineer Pat Keepes. "With the addition of this lane, through traffic will not have to stop for left-turning vehicles."

Keepes says other aspects of the project include replacing all of the of the pavement; constructing sidewalks, curbs, gutters, and storm sewers; as well as developing bicycle lanes to create a "Complete Street."

Questions concerning the construction work may be directed to the project field office at 812-471-9434.

The website at www.oakhillroadconstruction.com will be updated as detour routes change.

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