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Tri-State organizations team up to tackle area health concerns

Deaconess, St. Mary's and three other community organizations have come together and formed an action plan to tackle the four biggest health issues in Vanderburgh and Warrick Counties.

It was brought on by the results of a study that were released just today. 

The hospitals were federally mandated to complete a Community Health Needs Assessment.

They gathered data by studying focus groups made up of 51 businesses, community and social service leaders, as well as conducted 500 telephone interviews.

The four areas identified as the communities biggest health issues should come as no surprise.

Tobacco use, obesity, substance abuse and mental health.

Now the partner agencies which include the Welborn Baptist Foundation, United Way and several other community organizations have developed a three year action plan.

Let me give you an example of one of their goals.

In Vanderburgh County they want to reduced obesity from 29.9 percent to 25.9 percent in the next three years.

In Warrick they want to reduce obesity from 32.2 percent to 29.2 percent.

Kevin Bain with the Welborn Baptist Foundation says the power of this is bringing all the organizations to work on the same problem for the first time.

"The action plans that, in particular, the health care organizations, the action plans they have on their websites speak to specific action steps, individuals who are working on those, dates associated with various things," said Bain. "That will roll into this discussion we have of progress that's actually been made."

The action plan runs through 2016, at which time they will do another C.H.N.A.

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