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Many Evansville residents in favor of residential speed humps

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Some Evansville neighbors are pleased to hear about a new city ordinance that allows speed humps to be installed on some residential streets. 

St. James Boulevard on Evansville's southeast side is on of the streets that neighbors say more and more drivers are speeding down every day, and they want it to stop.

The ordinance approved allows for speed humps to be installed along two-lane or residential streets. But you can't just get one.
It has to have support of 55 percent of those living within 100 yards of where it would go. Then it has to go through a series of steps within the city and be approved by the Board of Public Safety.
Neighbors on St. James say they want them.

"Well, I think it's needed and the reason I think so is there's children playing on this street. It's a neighborhood street. People use it as a cut through to save a stop light," says Stephen Roll who supports the ordinance. 

"There are times of the day when probably 75 percent of the traffic is from drivers who don't live here, and I'm fine with that, if they want to be respectful of the neighbors, but they just tend to go too fast," supported Jennifer Roll says.

14 News is told one speed hump would cost about $2,500. Neighbors also have the option of chipping in to pay some of that cost. They would then be given higher priority.

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