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"Round up" for Big Brothers Big Sisters

If you stop by JC Penney this month, a local organization is asking you to 'round up' your purchase.

JC Penney's across the country are partnering with Big Brothers Big Sisters this month and the one here in Evansville's also included.

For this month only, you're asked to round up your purchase to the nearest dollar with the extra money going to Big Brothers Big Sisters both nationally and locally.

Program Director Sandy Minasian says they're now working with 300 matches in the Tri-State area.

Still, over 120 kids are still waiting to get their big brother or sister. The money raised will help make that a reality.

"The money that comes through will help us get those volunteers processed through in a timely manner and then get those kids matched up so that they can start enjoying the benefits of having a positive role model in their life," said Minasian.

Again, the campaign goes through the end of June so you still have time to round up your purchase. 

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