Perry Co. Sheriff explains why dogs at scene of murder-suicide were shot

PERRY CO., IN (WFIE) - Perry County Sheriff Lee Chestnut has released a statement in regard to Monday night's murder-suicide in Perry County.

As we reported Tuesday, several dogs found in the home were put down by deputies after officials discovered the animals had eaten away at some of the remains of the two people discovered.

The statement below is from the sheriff, it explains why the decision was reached.

"A collaborative decision was made between the Perry County Sheriff's Office, the Perry County Health Department, and the Perry County Coroner's Office to put the animals down based on specific facts from this case with the concern and commitment to public safety.  Private discussions took place with an immediate family member about whether or not to put down the animals. All parties were in agreement because of the possibility that the animals may very likely have communicable diseases and health issues.  This caused concern in allowing the animals to go to a shelter for adoption.  The Perry County Sheriff's Office is committed to public safety and the well-being of animals, but these unfortunate incidents do occur.


Perry County Sheriff Lee Chestnut"