Hot, Hot, Hot

Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Today is expected to be the hottest day of the year with temps reaching the low to mid 90s, but the heat index will be even higher. Byron will have the latest on that, plus a chance for severe weather tonight. It's all coming up throughout the morning on Sunrise.

No Water

Be prepared for a water outage today if you live near Evansville Regional Airport. Details coming up at 6 on Sunrise.

New Location

Also at 6: If you're under the care of a doctor with Owensboro Health, that practice has most likely moved. We'll have more on the change in location.


We have a 14 News Health Alert this morning. Nearly 90 cases of Hepatitis-A have been reported in eight states. What you need to know is coming up at 6:30.


Casino Aztar is now officially Tropicana Evansville. We'll tell you about some special events planned this week and the rest of June to celebrate the new name.  Join us at 5 for that.

Dangerous Wildfires

Also at 5: Aggressive wildfires are raging across Colorado, forcing evacuations in some areas and destroying homes and forests in their path.

Traffic Alerts

It's a busy day for road construction. I have details on four different projects today in Vanderburgh, Hancock and Daviess Counties. It's all coming up in your Daily Drive at 6:23 and 6:51.

Stay cool today.  We'll see you soon!