Back to reality

I'm baaaack! :)  Boy, it sure never gets any easier to come back from vacation, does it?!  I'm off to a slow start, but I guess I'm getting back into the swing of things after five days away from work.  However, I have yet to tackle the large task of cleaning out my email inbox.  Maybe tomorrow… :)

Let's see… what's been happening on the work front.  Yesterday I split my time between Evansville and Warrick County for a couple of stories.  Of course it worked out that I ended up sitting through close to an extra HOUR of a meeting just so I could ask a couple of questions at the end.  Wish they'd take a little break and ask if the reporters have any questions, wouldn't that be nice!  Alas, it didn't happen.  My story in Evansville took me deep into the old North High School, to shoot some video of bricks from Roberts Stadium that will be sold as a fundraiser for the EVSC.  Sara (from the EVSC Communications Office) and I ended up in some big old warehouse/store room in the building that looked like it was once home to shop class (or whatever they called it).  1500 bricks sounds like kind of a lot, but when we got to them, they didn't look like much.  Just three small skids of bricks that got a room to themselves!  I hope, for the school corporation's sake, that people are interested in buying them as mementos.  The money will go to athletic programs at the schools.

Today, I didn't have to venture very far.  I did another story with the EVSC about a promotional type thing going on through the Ford Center.  People can get free Barry Manilow concert tickets if they bring in a new or gently used musical instrument.  The instruments will go to EVSC students.  It's a cool idea; I'll have to try to remember to follow up and see how many people participate.  As I pointed out while I was there at the EVSC offices downtown, it's interesting how timing works out.  I can go weeks and weeks without doing a story with them, and then this week it's two days in a row.  No rhyme or reason, it seems!

My other story today brought me to Casino Aztar… oh, I mean, Tropicana Evansville.  They made the switch to the new name overnight!  I'm sure it will take folks a while to get used to the change.  That's just how we (collectively) seem to be in Evansville.  I wonder if other cities have such a hard time adjusting??  They must, right??  Anyway, all of the upgrades they've done look pretty nice to me.  I wish them lots of success!  I'm interested to see Friday what new businesses are moving in to The District (owned by Tropicana Evansville).  I sure hope they have more luck than the last two places that have closed (Stoney's and Jillian's).  We could use a little more entertainment in this town!  :)

Alright, time to run to yoga.  It's about as humid outside as it is in the classroom, so hopefully tonight class isn't too bad.  That's probably really poor rationalizing, but oh well!

Until next time,