Death Investigation

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Perry Deaths

Indiana State Police are investigating the deaths of two people in Perry County. Nicole is there gathering new information this morning. We'll have the very latest coming up throughout the morning on Sunrise.

Officer Dismissal Update

An Evansville police officer is appealing his dismissal after an alleged incident with a student last month. Now, the grandmother of that student is speaking out about what she says happened. Details coming up at 6.

Day Two

It's day two of the testimony phase in the Jeffrey Weisheit murder trial. We'll tell you what happened Monday during emotional testimony from the mother of the two children killed in the fire. That's at 5 on Sunrise.


From Kentucky to Maryland, possible tornadoes left behind significant damage. We'll take a look at the aftermath around 6:12.

Patriot Tebow?

Various media outlets are reporting Tim Tebow is signing with the New England Patriots. Details coming up at 6:45.

We have a lot to cover for you on Sunrise. We hope you'll join us!