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Part-time employees for Spencer Co. could see less hours

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The Affordable Health Care Act goes into effect next year, forcing employers to offer health insurance to any employee who works more than 30 hours a week. 

As a result, the Spencer County Commissioners are thinking about cutting hours for their part-time employees.

The Spencer County Commissioners are trying to figure out whether or not they should cut the hours for their part-time workers in the county. They say, if they do cut those hours, most of those affected work at the jail.

Commissioner Mickey Toler says there are only about 10 county workers who would be affected by the cuts. He says most of those are cooks at the Spencer County Jail.

Regardless, Toler says they value all of those employees, and will likely drop them just below the 30 hour limit. As a result, Toler says they may hire another part-time employee to pick up the slack.

"We will probably have to drop down to like 29.5 or 30 hours and do some supplemental employee work. Maybe another additional person to follow up with the work lode and so forth, to still maintain our integrity in the county, and the things we have to do to follow the guidelines," Toler says.

Toler says they should make a final decision within a month.

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