INDOT continuing its crack down on toll bridge violators

The Indiana Department of Transportation and the Posey County Prosecutor's Office are continuing their crack down on habitual toll booth violators of the Wabash Memorial toll bridge.

There could be serious costs for those not paying up.

Posey County Prosecutor Travis Clowers tells us most of the violators live across the bridge in Illinois.

To date, since the prosecutor's office started working with INDOT in January, 30 drivers have been summoned to court.

To be clear, if you owe $5 or $10 they are not going after you.

But Clowers tells us some of the violators owe as much as $600.

INDOT has been contacting drivers with debts, and so far it's established payment plans with 63 people

Twenty-three customers are fully paid off.

As for the people who continue to ignore INDOT phone calls and letters the prosecutor's office has this message.

"The judge can fine them. The judge can enter in court costs and a fine which can get very expensive, and their fees don't go away. They still have to pay these fees. Just contact the Department of Transportation and set up an account and start paying on it, because it's not going to go away," says Clowers.

If you want to pay off outstanding balances you can call INDOT at 317-232-5385 to set up a payment plan.

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