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Consultant accused of not working expected at Monday's city council meeting

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Some Evansville City Council members are expected to make comments about a consultant they hired who is now accused of not doing the job he was hired to do, yet still collecting a monthly paycheck.

John Friend, a councilman who was involved in hiring this consultant, David Garrett, says Garrett will be at the city council meeting Monday night.  

Another councilman, Jonathan Weaver says that, to his knowledge, it will be the first meeting that Garrett has attended all year. 

14 News learned that Garrett has not submitted his monthly reports, but yet he still gets a monthly check for over $1,600 of tax payer money.

Friend says that this is because the administration has not provided him with the necessary data. Friend says that Garrett did get some information about two weeks ago, but that it will take him upwards of 60 days to fully evaluate it.  

This issue will most likely be discussed at the meeting Monday night.

"We're a lively group you never know what is going to pop up, something always pops up. You know there is a question of sometimes the transparency of our group when motions are made and we hire forensic accountants and stuff like that. But I am sure it is going to come up at some point in time," Councilman Weaver says.

14 News will be at Monday's meeting and will bring you updates on air and online.

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