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Vibrant River sculpture in place on the Ford Center

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A special sculpture representing Evansville is in place and now on display.

48 panels of stainless steel, weighing anywhere from 40 to 70 pounds each, define the sculpture.  
The lead fabricator on the project, Sean Dwyer, says that only three panels could fit in the lift at one time. That explains why the process took so long for them to complete. 

But finally, after almost three years of preparing, the Vibrant River sculpture is in place on the Ford Center. Installed near the intersection of Sixth and Main, the artwork is something to see for both the people of Evansville and the people involved in the overall process.

"I'm just ecstatic to be done and to take the time to sit back and reflect. I wish I could see it in all different types of daylight but we are running out of that," Dwyer says.

Dwyer and the artist, Roger White Stoller, will be returning to their homes in California now that their work here is done. 

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