Dog alerts woman of fire

The flames may be out, but a charred bed leaves a stark reminder of the fire that burned here early Tuesday morning. Myrtle Hust says the fire fighters who responded to the fire in her apartment were surprisingly all heroes she had met before back in March when the historic First Christian Church burned. "It was heavy on my heart all day that those guys had to be hungry and tired and thirsty. On my way back, I really got a tug on my heart," said Hust.

She says she dropped off pizza and drinks to them that day they battled that fire. Little did she know she would be crossing paths again so soon. Myrtle says she took her medication Monday night and laid down in bed with her two dogs. "I went to bed. I'm not one to smoke in bed. I don't remember lighting the cigarette," said Hust.

She woke up to her dog Jaz biting her on the leg. "When I opened my eyes all I could see was fire and smoke. The smoke alarm was going off. I did not hear it," said Hust. Myrtle jumped off her bed and went outside with her dogs and family. Tonight she's counting herself lucky...grateful to her dogs and to the ones who came to put the fire out. "I feel like god blessed me because I fed those who were hungry in their time of need and those guys came to my rescue," said Hust.

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