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County commissioners, town council, vote in favor of fertilizer plant in Posey County

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Posey County is still courting a controversial fertilizer company, even with no financial backing from the state.

Officials tell 14 News that they received billions of dollars in federal disaster relief bonds and those are intended for economic development projects.

The County Commissioners and Town Council met last week and unanimously voted in favor of the fertilizer plant project and in favor of the sale of $1.3-billion of those bonds to finance the project.

Some residents worry that the sale of those bonds means the expense will be passed on to them, but John Taylor with Posey County Economic Development Commission says these bonds are tax exempt and they must be sold by July 1.

"The county has no obligation of these bonds, they merely act as a pass through agent for the people who receive the bonds and the funds that will go to the company to help construct the building, I keep being asked, 'Is the company on the hook?,'" says Taylor. "There's no hook. The county is merely a pass through for these funds."

Taylor says there is also a proposal in the works to set aside a number of jobs at the new fertilizer plant for veterans. He says the local VFW has already sent in their support.

There is a public meeting on June 19 at the Hovey House at 8:00 A.M..

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