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EXCLUSIVE: City consultant accused of not working but getting paid

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A consultant hired by the Evansville City Council is accused of not doing the work he was hired to do while still collecting a monthly paycheck. 

An audit last year found some issues with the city's finances. So, the city council hired David Garrett to serve as an extra set of eyes. His contract requires that he report to the council on a monthly basis.  

But on Wednesday, 14 News learned that so far this year, Garrett has not provided any reports, yet he gets a monthly check for over $1,600 of taxpayer money. That's more than the city council members make.

"When is the public going to be outraged with those people getting paid for not doing anything?" asked councilman Jonathan Weaver.  

City Councilman Weaver says not only is Garrett not supplying him with monthly reports, Weaver says, "He refused to meet with me."

In fact, Weaver says since Garrett was hired he's only seen him once. He says to his knowledge, Garrett has not attended a single council meeting this year.

"That consultant needs to be there because if the Controller is saying something, I want our consultant there to rebuttal or tell us, 'Hey, is he telling is the truth or not and that's what you're getting paid for,'" Councilman Weaver said.

"The problem lies in the administration's not giving us timely data," say Councilman John Friend.

City Councilman Friend, who serves as the council's finance chair, recommended Garrett for the job. He says the reason Garrett isn't providing monthly reports is because the Controller's Office didn't release its financial statements for the first three months of this year until May 21.

"It took them that long to give us three months of bank recs. Shouldn't we give Mr. Garrett at least 30 days to take all that data and analyze it?" Friend says.

City Controller Russ Lloyd Jr. says Garrett never asked for the statements. He says he does supply Garrett with information on a regular basis and has even offered to meet with him numerous times. An invitation, he says, Garrett has never accepted.
"He's getting quite a bit of information. We're giving him 20 or 30 pages of statements and outstanding, checks, etc. that he could work on. We're just not seeing anything turned back in," Lloyd says.

14 News contacted David Garrett on Wednesday night by phone. He refused to answer any questions, only referring us to John Friend. 

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