Doing good in the neighborhood

I'm coasting into my three-day weekend right now.  This entry is the last thing to check off my list!  Since most of us end up working holidays, the station typically gives us a different day off to compensate.  So, I worked Monday, but have tomorrow off.  I will take it!  Next week I've got three vacation days on tap, so as long as I can get through Monday and Tuesday, it should be smooth sailing! :)

Smooth sailing is something I'll take after my day yesterday.  Wooh, talk about stress… and a lot of moving pieces!!  I was so excited to cover a little kids' lemonade stand in Corydon (proceeds going to tornado victims in Oklahoma).  BUT, since I was going to be near Henderson, that meant I also had to cover two of Gov. Beshear's three stops in town.  To do this, we sent two different photographers to meet me.  We had it all planned out.  Of course, things seldom go as planned around here.  We made it through the day, but my story barely made it onto the 6pm news.  Let's just say I was happy to go home yesterday! :)

Speaking of the lemonade stand, here are a couple of pictures.  The kids were very cute, not to mention super successful!  People started donating to their cause well before the stand even opened.  By the end of the day, they had raised $800!  And I can attest, their product was very tasty!  I seldom carry cash, but I managed to scrape $1.73 out of my work bag to contribute to the funds.  Pretty darn shabby considering they had some $100 bills in their money box!!!  Generous people!

I also took a few pictures from another heart-warming story I covered recently.  I've written about Paige Miller, the little girl who started Paige's Cupcakes for Cancer to raise money for cancer patients.  I was able to buy some of her yummy cupcakes and share them with the newsroom.


A nice little pick-me-up sinc e we were working on the holiday!  She did such a great job this year.  I haven't heard final totals, but it sounds like they will have around $3,000 or more!  Last year (the first year), they raised $1200, so that would be a great improvement!

Let's see… one final picture for the day.  Around the newsroom, Jackie Monroe is kind of like the unofficial over-the-counter pharmacist.  She has a whole stock of medicines for various (mild) ailments in her desk drawer.  My drawer… oh, you know… Rolo's and mini s'mores.  Always need sugar on hand!

Speaking of sugar, eating so much of it is why I must head out now for yoga class!  Have a wonderful weekend!  I'll be back Monday!

Until next time,