Several Evansville homeowners wake up to vandalism

Police are looking for the person or people responsible for a rash of vandalism in East Evansville overnight.

Several homeowners woke up to find their homes and cars damaged.

Jared Davis who lives on Dexter Avenue on Evansville's east side says he was woken up by police officers at 3 o'clock Thursday morning.

He says when he came outside, he found two windows of his car had been shot out, and he also found about 15 holes in the side of his home.

Officers told him several cars on his street had similar damage.

"He told me there's at least five in our neighborhood that got hit. If they catch these people they're gonna be in better hands then if I were to ever find them. That's going to cost $1,000," says Davis.

According to the EPD, several properties on Conlin Avenue were hit as well.

The police report states officers found it to be teenagers with a BB gun shooting windows of random targets.

The culprits have not been found yet.

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