Taking A Stand: Boy Scouts of America

Taking A Stand: Boy Scouts of America

As an Eagle Scout, the Boy Scouts of America's decision to remove the restriction of membership to young men based on sexual orientation worries me. Not because of my religious or moral convictions, but I'm concerned that this could mean the end the 100 year old organization.

70% of the Boy Scout Troops and Cub Scout Packs are sponsored by religious organizations. One church in Louisville has already announced that they will drop their charter.

The new policy is ambiguous, sending a mixed message that it is acceptable to be a Boy Scout and gay until you turn 18, as the new rule continues to ban homosexual adult leaders.

The Boy Scouts' values are no better today than they were last week.

Gay youth are forced to confront the organization's implicit belief that, while they may embody scouting principles today, they will one day morph into perverse and possibly predatory adults.

The BSA is in dire need of some real leadership going forward or we may be looking at the end of what has proven to be a powerful positive influence on young men since 1910.

That's my stand. What's yours?