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Who's that knocking on your door?

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Authorities say homeowners can expect to see more door-to-door salesman, and the Hopkins County Sheriff's Office is helping you decide who's legit and when you should you be on your guard.

Many homeowners are on the defense when someone rings their doorbell late at night.

This is the case for Angie Littlepage, who lives off a Country Road in Nortonville. Around 9:00 Wednesday night, a man claiming to be the "book man" came to her door. Due to the late hour and lack of explanation, Angie, along with her children, were frightened and called the sheriff's office.  

Turns out the man is registered with the Hopkins County Sheriff's Office to be selling children's books door-to-door, in order to raise money for college. But the sheriff's office wants people to understand what they can and cannot do in the case of a suspicious person.

"If a guy's knocking on your door that does not give anyone the right to fire round through the door. Kentucky is a stand your ground state. It means you don't have to retreat from danger but there's no danger by somebody just knocking on your door," says Detective Will Coursey with the sheriff's office.

"You know it's 9:00 at night at this point when this gentleman had showed up. So 9:00 p.m. out in the country is just to me not acceptable. I don't care who you are or what you are selling," Angie says.

Authorities stress if you have concerns, lock your door and call law enforcement. Don't take the law into your own hands.

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