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"We need your help..... This could have been any of our children"

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Jack Perkins. Source: Evansville Police Department Jack Perkins. Source: Evansville Police Department

The Evansville Police Department is asking you to take a stand.

They want to make sure there is a large amount of people at the sentencing of Jack Perkins on Thursday, to hold him accountable for the kidnapping and rape of a 9-year-old Evansville boy.

The police department posted this message on their Facebook page:

"We need your help. Early last year, a nine year old Evansville boy was playing in his backyard when he was abducted and forcibly raped by Jack Perkins. The nine year old was able to escape by jumping out of Perkins vehicle. If not for his quick thinking, there is no telling what would have happened to him. This led to a city-wide manhunt and Perkins arrest. Perkins confessed to his actions and indicated that he had victimized a younger victim who never reported the crime. 

He has pled guilty but mentally ill to an A and a B felony, the court will determine his sentence. The defense is requesting a minimum sentence of 20 years on the molestation and 6 years on the confinement. They claim he is "remorseful for his action", "never wants to harm another child", "has been a law-abiding citizen for a substantial period of his life" and that all of this occurred due to him being depressed and having a history of ADHD and depression.

This could have been any of our children and should the defense get their wish, he will be out with plenty of life left. We need your help to make sure this sick man doesn't happen to drive by another Evansville backyard, grab another innocent child who is merely playing like kids do, and inflict his evil upon them. This Thursday, May 30th, at 2:20pm, he will be sentenced in Circuit Court. Please consider coming out and helping us fill the courtroom and surrounding halls this Thursday. Your presence will let the court know that we will not tolerate this type of behavior in Evansville, IN."

14 News spoke to the victim's mother Wednesday afternoon. She says this has been a long, painful ordeal and she is ready for hopefully a long sentence to keep Perkins behind bars and out of the community.

The sentencing is at 2:30 on Thursday afternoon and court security will be able to point supporters to the court room.


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