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It's been awhile

Hello, there!  Been a while since you've heard from me, hasn't it??  Let's just call my recent blog absence a little non-vacation, vacation.  I've been here at work, but as I knew it would be, the nicer weather and just general work fatigue has had me wanting to fly out the door when I've finished my stories for the day instead of sticking around to write! J 

Speaking of stories… today's was a doozy!  Police were notified last night that a witness in a murder trial (that started this morning) had been attacked at home and threatened about testifying.  A photographer and I were able to talk with the victim off- camera this morning, and then I was in court most of the afternoon listening to testimony.

I've sat in on a few trials now for work, but I've never been involved in any personally in any way.  (And I hope I never will be!)  I do, however, quite enjoy listening to what happens in the courtroom.  Today things took a little unexpected twist when the brother of the defendant was found in contempt of court by the judge and ordered to be taken to jail.  I didn't really see that one coming!

Anyway, after a day in court, and the last few minutes spent downing Cheez-its and Rolos from the gas station (classy, eh??), I'm going to hopefully burn off some of those mostly empty calories in a 100+ degree yoga room!  Time to go sweat it out!  Tomorrow's another day, which means another story (or two or three… )

Until next time,


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