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Henderson comes together for Memorial Day service

An emotional service in Henderson's Central Park drew the community together during a Memorial Day service. 

One of the ways the community is remembering Memorial Day is with crosses. Over 4,400 of them, each bearing the name of someone who has lived in Henderson County and died fighting for our country.

It's the 67th year the Henderson Community has come together with a special ceremony to honor those who have died fighting for our country.

"I don't think there's another service like this that we know of and it's just a great honor to be here, be a part of it today," says Hugh McCormick, the Judge-Executive of Henderson County. 

Dozens of people found a shady spot in Central Park Monday morning to listen to brave stories of those who have lived through battles and know the meaning of true freedom.  

US Army General James E. Sehorn shared his stories about service and captivity in North Vietnam and what it means to have support when you come back home.

"We remember the sacrifices that it takes to preserve the freedoms that I think too often we take for granted," Sehorn says.

Surrounded by crosses honoring fallen soldiers and American flags lining city streets, the community also heard a special tribute by the high school marching band honoring each branch of service individually.

McCormick tells 14 News that the ceremony is a tradition with meaning not only for those who have served but for children, too.

"It's important to experience it at this young age so they'll never forget it and carry this tradition on for years to come," McCormick says. 

McCormick says there are 137 new crosses this year. That's 137 more people he says who won't be forgotten.

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