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EXCLUSIVE: Investigator wants case of child death at restaurant reexamined

Investigators tell 14 News that the results of an autopsy performed on the body of a child that died at a restaurant in Henderson does not match the story the parent told police. Now, that investigator is wanting the case re-evaluated.

Henderson Police are still calling this case a death investigation, as no criminal charges have yet been determined. At first glance, Mason Ray's death seems to be an accident, but at least one investigator we spoke to today says they want to re-examine what happened Friday night.

13-month-old, Mason Ray Brown, was the son of Henderson man Aaron Brown and Henderson woman Mandy Peckenpaugh, who works at Captain D's in Henderson.

"I got two grandkids, or I had two grandkids, and he was always smiling and happy and better than most babies," says Kevin Brown.

Kevin Brown is Mason Ray's grandfather. He and the police say Peckenpaugh's mother brought Mason Ray to Captain D's Friday night to visit Mandy.

"They was back there in the kitchen, and they sat him up on top of the counter, and I don't know whether they just turned their backs, because it doesn't take very long anyway, but he had got up on his feet, on top of the counter, and flipped over and landed on his head, on the floor," says Brown.

Police say Peckenpaugh's mother found Mason Ray with a head injury and took him to Methodist Hospital in Henderson. From there, Mason Ray was life-flighted to St. Mary's Hospital in Evansville where he died of his injuries.

"Whoever was suppose to be watching him did not watch him. Either the mother was suppose to, or the grandmother," says Brown. "Somebody should've been sitting there watching him with their undivided attention."

Brown knows nothing will bring his grandson back, but he feels someone should be held responsible for Mason Ray's death.

Vanderburgh County Coroner, Annie Groves, performed an autopsy on Mason Ray on Saturday morning, and says a cause of death has yet to be determined. Groves also says the story Peckenpaugh and her mother told police about Mason Ray's death doesn't match the autopsy results.

"I mean, I'll miss's probably something that nobody will ever get over," says Brown. "You know? It's one of those things that...I don't know."

Neither Henderson Police nor Coroner Annie Groves could give us specifics in this case, such as what those autopsy results are, but this is something we will continue to follow and we will update this story, as we learn more.

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