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Busy east side Evansville road getting sign change

Traffic changes are in store for a busy east side Evansville road.

Across from Eastland Mall, by Green River Road, if you drive over there you know there's a lot of traffic in the area. So the city plans to add right turn only signs on both sides of Virginia. 

One would go up on the north side at an exit to Eastland Place, right behind the Acropolis restaurant.

The other would go across the road where a new Chipotle restaurant is under construction. 

A couple of other businesses will be opening at that location, as well.

The city's Traffic Engineering Department Supervisor say there have been multiple accidents in this area, and some near misses. He says they received some complaints, including some from police.

The hope is that eliminating left turns will help eliminate accidents and keep people traveling there safer.

"You have to look at what they were contributed from, and there was a number of them that were just from different things, sideswipes, and there were some from people cutting across traffic," says Jim Cruise. "We just took a look at the whole thing, and it's a congested area anyway, so it felt like it would be best to do this."

Because of the construction along the south side of Virginia right now, drivers can't get in and out so that sign won't be going up yet. 

But over on the north side, the city says that right turn only sign should go up within the next two weeks. 

They say the change won't impeded anyone getting into businesses, it just will change things when you leave.

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