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Artist with cerebral palsy visiting Owensboro

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Owensboro will welcome Hank Holland this weekend, an artist who's overcome a major obstacle to have a successful career.

Holland's work reflects on his childhood in Louisiana, which wasn't always easy.

He was born with cerebral palsy and was constantly teased because of his disability. Holland's father built him a tree house, where he learned that everything grows with love.

Because of that, you'll notice lots of tree houses in his work. 

Holland also includes an outhouse in his paintings, which encourages people to throw away the trash in their lives. He's been painting for about five years and says it's both a humbling and challenging experience.  

At Holland's show Saturday night, 40% of the sales will go toward the Wendell Foster Center.

When people have a disability, Holland explains that they're often grouped together, which can be difficult.

"It don't matter who's in that box. When you have a disability, they put you in that one box, and it's hard to get out of that box sometimes," says Holland. "So with my art, I have been able to get out of that box."

To add a unique touch to his work, Holland always signs his name upside-down.

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