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"She kept my son away from me for 13 years..."


A Gibson county man has been charged with the murder of the mother of his child.

Jason Perry is accused of shooting Jesica Tice in front of their 13-year-old son on Wednesday in the parking lot of a Mexican restaurant in Princeton.

He  made his first court appearance Thursday. 

On his way into the courtroom he made several statements to14 News cameras including: "She destroyed me, man," and "kept my son away from me for 13 years, and finally "he's a different man every time I see him... how disgusting."

On the way out of court, reporter Erin Meyer asked him if he had anything to say.

"She wouldn't let me see him for 13 years, I had to have my family find out if that was mine or not... I guess you can say that I love him." 

She then asked "Do you hope to see your son again?

"Yes I do... I pray to God"

The coroner says the victim, Jesica Tice was shot twice at close range in the parking lot of 'Los Aztecas.'

A detective testified Perry used a shotgun that only held one shell, so he had to reload between shots.

The detective also said Perry bought shells at Walmart before the shooting after speaking with his 13-year-old son.

He had apparently had an argument with Tice of whether he should or could attend the 13 year old's graduation.

Perry is being held in the Gibson County Jail with no bond.

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